An Old Song for All the Dead Who Must be Remembered

Nov. 11, 2022. This is Rememberance Day. We remember all those who died, in war. Soldiers should be remembered, as all the dead should be. Vita brevis. A dear friend of mine just died - I just found out today, by getting a long-distance call from his wife. He was my age - we had known each other since University days - and his death (from a heart attack) has shocked me to the core. He now joins the ranks of the dead, along with so many folks that I cared about who have gone. Rest in peace, old friend. Here is a very old song, from way before our time, which I dedicate to all the dead who's lives have ended. May they walk beside us, in our memories, where we can cherish them still.

[Nov. 6th, 2022] - Panoramic view of my forest, in atypical warm, November sunshine. We must accept the possibility, that "climate change" (the reframed term for "global warming") could be a very attractive and beautiful phenomenon. (Click on image to expand it.)

If we examine the historical and geological record, it is very likely that we are still warming from the last ice-age, which ended only 23,000 years ago. Our local area here, is characterized by drumlins, eskers and terminal moraines - all features of heavy glaciation. It is a scientific certainty that this very location, 25,000 years ago (a very short timeframe in total Earth lifetime), was a frozen wasteland covered by hundreds of feet of ice and snow.

As the Earth's climate warmed, directly a result of enhanced solar energy output, (humans were too small a factor to make any difference) and the glaciers melted, a beautiful, quite magical forest landscape developed, as the global temperature warmed. And we know - from the fossil-record, that the Great Lakes region was a warm, tropical sea, millions of years ago. Extensive fossils of coral can be found in Goderich area at Lake Huron, which are now only seen in the Carribean Sea - eg. "brain coral".

So, the warming of the Earth - if it is even happening - is almost certainly an ongoing process driven by solar energy changes.

What is interesting, is how very lovely this atypical warm November sunshine is, and how extensively the local ecosystem - both evolved and human-fabricated - is able to take most beneficial advantage of it. :)

"How happy is he born and taught,
That serveth not another's will,
Whose armor is his honest thought,
And simple truth his utmost skill!"
- Sir Henry Wotton (from "The Character of a Happy Life", written in 1614)

Direct, clear, legally-protected land-ownership, is the foundational basis for all civilization. Western and Eastern World Science, Economics, Art and History all prove this. People will fight and die to protect their Homeland. Government agents, politicians, kings and princes should understand and grasp this key reality, and not mess with and degrade the social and economic systems that allow our prosperity and human freedoms to become possible.