This video - "Betty Boop's Ups and Down's" - should be taught in Economics schools.  Perhaps it is - or was.  It was also made in 1932, and shows Betty being evicted from her house for mortgage default.  (You can only see the first 159 seconds of this video here, as it turns out my website service has to be upgraded to an even more expensive version before I can show the full video, so I suppose I will have to take a look at Amazon's AWS or some other service, and move this thing.

Point here is that 1932 looked a *lot* like 2008, with every house up for sale, and no buyers to be found, as everyone had lost their shirt in the market-meltdown.  This video is full of brilliant comical analogies, and references to classical history.  Eventually, the entire Earth goes up for sale, and the Moon comes in as the auctioneer, and tries to raise bids from the other planets.   The bidding starts with Mars (who is shown as a battle-scarred God of War, in a Roman helmut) bidding 50.  The moon balks, and Venus bids 40.  The moon still will not sell, and seeks other bids.  (This falling bid-price - not at all what happens in a managed auction - was exactly what was happening in the Stock Market, from 1930 to 1932).  Eventually, Saturn - who is perfectly caricatured as an old Jew (!), makes a bid of 20, and the Moon sells.  Saturn (the old Jew with the big nose!) wins the auction, and the Moon demands payment.  Saturn hands over a bag of money, can calls the Moon a "ganef" under his breath.  (The term "ganef" took me a while to decode.  It is Yiddish for a thief or a con-man, and was in common usage in the early part of the 20th century among immigrants living in New York.)

The first thing Saturn does, is remove the Earth's "magnet", so gravity disappears.  This causes everything to float upwards to the sky  (pretty much like all asset prices did during the 1920's, the time of the "Great Gatsby", and the first great technology-driven boomtime of the 20th century.)   Everything floats upward, with comic consequences.

But like the stock market and real-estate prices, it all comes crashing down, when Saturn decides he has made a bad trade, and the Earth pulls back in "Earth's Magnet", and everything floating plummets back to the ground - including a whole series of houses and buildings that fall harmlessly on top of Betty.  She takes an elevator to the top of the last one to fall - a New York skyscraper - which rings a bell when she reaches the roof, and bursts thru, and the cartoon ends on a happy note, as Betty now has all the houses she could want.

The full video is available on Youtube (...for now...) at the URL below.  Youtube clips are always getting DMCA'ed by fraudsters, which then results in the videos being removed), but this one has been here for 10 years, so perhaps it will remain available for a while longer.

For the hacked iPad (and other browsers that won't play Youtube now, the url below may still work.