Hana - Looking Outward to the Future.

I am Domino, but I am now dead and buried. I lived a long life, and then it ended. Enjoy life while you can. Life is short! I was a good dog, and everyone who ever knew me, liked me a lot. As I grew very old, and peed and pooped everywhere, my owners put paper and plastic sheets on the floor, instead of "taking me to the Vet". I lived to be 16 years old, well past a typical doggy expiry date, and passed away in my sleep at night, while resting in my favourite chair.

Dear old fellow, who is now 16 years old. He has had a long life, and his travels have been impressive. He is wise, loyal and fearless. [Update: DD (Domino Dog) died in December, 2019. I miss him every day. ]

A Picture of Hana, who is very clever, and understands quite a bit of English. She is also growing old, with much more grey on her muzzle than last year, when this picture was taken.

Hana and Taro from 2012. Taro was Dog-1, and he knew it. He was a little genius Jack Russell, and he died in 2017. We are all poorer for his passing. He and Hana were great friends.

Most of my pictures of Taro are blurry, as he was *always* in motion. He lived to be 14, which is a *very* good run for a Jack Russel. He was a clever, high-energy fellow, and he made our lives better by being with us. Here, his tail is wagging so fast, it was just a blur!

Taro died several years ago, but he was a very good dog! We still remember him.