Northern Property Sunset - Just Like Tom Thomson saw it...

June 2018 Sunset from the Deck.

Just After Sunset - Notice how the sunlight on lake and at the horizon illuminates the bottom of the stratus clouds, making them look like an inverted landscape. Sometimes on the deck, I feel like one of Aristophane's Birds. (Better that, than a Spartan with a "Letter Staff" for Lysistrata, I suppose..). My northern place is rustic - off-grid, and without running water, so the robots stay at the latifundia. But my thoughts, like goats, do roam. ;)

Meanwhile, back at the latifundia, some real work is still getting done. Fantastic July 11, 2018 (second this year) just-cut harvest at Finca Lorcalon. Really has been amazing lovely weather this summer, with enough moisture for the crops, but few rain-days. (Keep those hats and shirts on, eh? Our UV is hot and heavy this time of year, & it can crack your DNA into toxic badstuff real easy...) Remember - nature is so beautiful, but she is trying to kill you every day. Enjoy every sandwich... :D