Image shows Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in a British Challenger-1 tank, flying the Saltire, the flag of Scotland. This picture is on the Basra-Kuwait highway, and was shot by PHC Holmes, a US-Army soldier, during the Desert Storm campaign in February, 1991. The image is in the public domain. The SPQR term was the Roman Glyphic-Symbol of the State - Senatus et Populusque Romana - The Senate and the People of Rome. The symbol of the Eagle has been used by many European & Western nations, Germany, England and the USA being obvious examples. Glyphic symbols do more than just signal memes and tribal or clan identity. They successfully encapsulate complex ideological and social-psychological constructs that signal and also influence our chosen human nature, and sometimes even non-chosen, biologically determined natures. Study symbols, and you quickly run up against the "nature vs nurture" debate. And you also see the curious and dangerous sweep and strength of the machinery of social-deception, that has the label: "politics". They both provoke the questions, and suggest the answers: "Who are you? What do you believe? What do you stand for? What would you die for?" Everyone at some point, confronts these questions. What are those Dragoon Guards of Scotland actually guarding? They are guarding your freedom.