A Picture of Perfect Emergence. These are "Ice Crystal Patterns Looking Through a Window in Winter", January 20. 2019. This complex pattern was self-generated using only the dipole nature of the curious water molecule, as some froze according to their natural characteristics, on a layer of window-glass. These patterns of frost-crystals will form only when humidity and temperature are within a very narrow range of values. But the random variations in the universe will "select" for this beautiful complexity, if time can pass and cyclic change occurs. The Sun provides the system energy, and the orbiting and rotating planet supplies the cyclic-change. These very thin frost-crystals will appear to grow, as if alive. Magnificant and complex organization can evolve quite naturally and completely spontaneously, given correct pre-conditions, and the existence of a few extremely simple organizing rules. There is no god-thing required. Very complex order can literally grow and develop from out of purely random chaos. This phenomenon is called: "Emergence", and it is how life - from simple bacterial to humans - came to exist. We all must learn to accept the truth of what we can see here, and put away our superstitions and childish god-belief. Look at the beautiful complexity here, which emerges from the chaos of water vapour and cold weather. And notice how the growth of the interconnected crystal-lattice resembles our abstraction for the connective links of the internet, a complex structure which has also evolved itself over time. Beyond the ice-covered window is a forest.

The above image shows a snapshot of how the internet grew from 1973 to 2005, a period of only 33 years. And with the advent of mass usage of high-bandwidth mobile devices, the 2005 picture is basically ancient history now. This rate of technological uptake is without parallel in human history. From a social-impact viewpoint, this developent compares with the invention of spoken language. But that development took place over a much longer evolutionary timescale. The development of this monster has taken place virtually overnight, in evolutionary terms.