This must be one of my favourite songs.   And it is a wonderful learning opportunity, also.  The original author/creator - who went to some effort to include the German=English transalation - found that all his work was taken down by Youtube.  Well, fuck you - Youtube and Google.  

Bloody censors are trying to "memory hole" history, and fiddle everything to be "American Clean", which really, really sucks.   This is a great tune.  It was sung by cold, lonely German kids, most of whom went to fight in the East.  Almost all of them died.  They weren't Nazis.  They were just kids going off to war, same as all our Dad's did, in just about every country in the mid-20th Century.  

Time has fogotten most of them, and the their bones are now dust, mixing with the dirt.   But this was their favourite song, as they dreamed about just going home, and getting married to the girl they left behind - just like every soldier in every country dreams of, as he slogs thru some awful place where his duty and orders have taken him.