The Novichok Russian-developed nerve-poison (a very sophisticated ACE-inhibitor bio-weapon) has been detected on a water bottle from Alexei Navalny's hotel room.

Using Novichok in the wild is essentially the same thing as using a nuclear weapon - it crosses the line, and Russian operatives are now using this horrific poison on a routine basis. The recent gangland-style murder of a retired Chechen leader in Berlin was ugly, but this Novichok usage takes it up to a whole different level. We hope Navalny recovers fully. But this regular bio-weapon deployment by what looks to be Russian government operatives, must be fully investigated right to the source.

These bio-weapons are dangerously easy to manufacture and deploy, as are a range of other bio-weapons - from botulism toxins to anthrax to smallpox-based gene-spliced airborne virus entities. There is solid evidence now that shows that the Covid-19 virus may have been the product of Chinese bio-weapons research, and was released into the wild by accident. It targets human 2-ACE RBD cell protein with remarkable binding effectiveness, and there is evidence RFLP gene-splicing might have been used to engineer this human-specific infectious characteristic. We can't say for sure that Covid-19 was a product of bio-weapon research. But we damn sure as well *know* that Novichok was.

The Novichok poisoning of Navalny is an attack on all humanity. This regular & planned use of nuclear-agents & bio-weapons for political attack purposes must end, or we will have a maximum "casus belli".

And I can't believe the absurd nonsense coming from the "Kremlin". Do you idiots serious think some "American" is paying us to say this? We worry about them too. We are active investors in the global financial markets, and the crazy killers who run Russia at the moment, are actively damaging the future prosperity of the whole planet - including our portfolio values - right at time when we are also all dealing with this awful vicious virus - which now also looks like it might be a product of some boneheaded warfool communist dumbf*ck action also. Guys - this shit must stop.

The spys who have infested the upper-levels of certain governments are *extremely* dangerous entities. They seriously risk taking us along to a situation that will do great damage to the whole Earth, and all of us who live here. We need honourable Statesmen in charge, not spies and killers running revenge hit-squads.

Alexei Navalny is the best and bravest man on this planet right about now. He maintains his sense of humor, even after his attempted murder in Russia by dark-forces of the most pure evil. To hear the nonsense and dis-information spewing from the "Kremlin" (sadly, again now a great "Palace of Deception" just like it was so long ago!), it makes me feel so sad for Russia. Russia is a great nation. It's people are strong and have true courage. I remember reading Simonov's "Days and Nights". Sure, it's a bit mythic, but those battles really happened, and the Russians fought with such amazing courage and vigor. And they were our allies and our friends. Just like the Chinese were. We all fought Fascism as brothers-in-arms. Can we not learn from our history? Our enemies are the evil dark-forces who use murder, cruelty and deception as political tools - not particular nation-states, or people of particular races. Navalny has a sense of humor. He speaks most highly of the act of simply breathing on ones own. (I know of what he speaks, truly.)

Thank-you Germany for what you have done. We were always supporters of Putin - but I am afraid his time is now over. The absurd lies coming from the Russian "Kremlin" authorities render it no longer the representative of the Russian people. It's back to being just another gangster overlord... another yoke for Russia. Change must come - one way or another. Perhaps Mr. Navalny will travel via the Finland Station, on his return to Russia? :)

Germany - using it's best military scientists, who are the original specialists in the technology of chemical warfare - confirms "100% absolutely" that Alexei Navalny - a top-level legitimate political leader in Russia who opposes Vladimir Putin - was poisoned with the Russian nerve-agent "Novichok". This stuff is a military grade bio-weapon which Russian GRU agents used two years ago to poison a man (an ex-Russian spy) and his daughter in England, and subsequently kill another innocent woman who found the perfume bottle that the poison was transported within. Just touching a tiny amount of the chemical can kill, or badly damage a person's brain and nervous system.

This action is the equivalent of using nuclear weapons in warfare, as this very advanced cholinesterase-inhibitor - a "nerve-gas" type chemical agent - is a banned bio-weapon that all nations have agreed will not be used in any conflict. Even Hitler's Germany during World War Two, chose not use chemical weapons.

The use of this weapon again - and in this case to disable and destroy a political opponent - makes it clear that something is terribly, horribly wrong in Russia now. It will likely take a change in government, before the truth can come out. Could Putin have ordered something so diabolical? That seems unlikely. He would be a monster on the par with the worst, most corrupt Czar, if he did such a thing. This action degrades Russia and the Russian people.

Attacking political opponents by poisoning them, in this manner is a cowardly and grotesque action. Russia risks being excluded from the community of civilized nations, if it does not locate and prosecute the criminals that carried out this ugly crime.

Read about ACE inhibitors. A great deal is now known about this class of bioactive chemicals.