*** Now SOLD *** Good bye old friend!

This fine 2005 F-150, was modelled after Buckaroo Banzai's 8-th Dimensional Transport Truck. It's been sold to a very fine fellow from Ottawa, who came by with a trailer, and took it away. I shall miss the dear old truck - it never let me down - even when it had problems, it always took me home safely. Reliability is the most important virtue - in both machines and people. Know this truth.

The 2005 F-150 Under the Hood - the 4.6 litre V8. This is where the magic happened. Turn the key - and you get POWER! There are few things quite as wonderful as Ford Pickup-Trucks. In Canada, they are now very sought-after - despite being quite common. These 4.6 litre engines were the good ones - and have been replaced by the 5.0 litre V8, also a good engine, it looks like.