Amabie - Japanese spirit: "(アマビエ)". She (or He?) is a yōkai - a spirit guardian who when looked at as an image, is said to offer protection from plagues and pestilance. She is a beaked mer-maid, with a scale-covered body, and a bird-like beak and three fin-tipped legs, who appeared to a fellow in the 1840's, who was investigating a strange green-glowing light at night, in the sea, near Kumamoto region of late-Edo period Japan. This a public-domain image of a wood-block protective print from that time period.

She was supposed to have spoken, and specifically forecast six years of bumper harvests, but also a nasty plague. However, she indicated that if images of here were seen by many people, her very appearance in glyphic (manga?) form, would offer spirit protection from the coming plague.

Her image is being widely shared, and has even been painted on the underside of Japanese passenger aircraft.

In Canada, where vaccines are not available, looking at her image for magical protection makes as much sense as trusting our current government to do anything constructive, so we figured it can't hurt! :)

Covid-19 Global Deaths_Reported Chart - to Nov. 12, 2020. This shows the beginning of the winter global "second wave" that was predicted by the various pandemic models.

This data runs up to Nov. 12, and shows the rising death-rate for SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19 illness), worldwide.

The data is latest to Nov. 20, 2020, and it shows evidence of a pandemic lethality that is advancing at a more rapid and absolutely greater rate, than was the case earlier this year. We fear that the most lethal episode of this viral pandemic is just beginning, and are extremely concerned that the significant ramp-up in asset values around the world represents a dangerous and negative phenomenon.

We are particularly concerned about the rapid increase in the value of financial "paper" or "digital" assets, as this is occuring in environments where business-conditions appear to rapidly be deteriorating.

This is almost a perfect textbook description of a runaway "asset value bubble" that will cause serious financial and economic disruption, when it reaches it's climax, and "bursts". The rapid repricing downwards of financial assets, at the same time as a rapid rise in Covid-19 deaths, could create a scenario of extreme social disruption in modern economies with complex, interconnected, lengthy supply-chains.

Covid-19 Virus (SARS-CoV-2) protomer schematic versus SARS-1. A segment on the spike-protein can hinge, and this enables better binding action.

Electron Microscope Image of Covid-19 virus: SARS-CoV-2

*** Now SOLD *** Good bye old friend! This is the truck I survived Covid-19 with.

This fine 2005 F-150, was modelled after Buckaroo Banzai's 8-th Dimensional Transport Truck. It's been sold to a very fine fellow from Ottawa, who came by with a trailer, and took it away. I shall miss this dear old truck - it never let me down - even when it had problems, it always took me home safely. Reliability is the most important virtue - in both machines and people. Know this truth.

The 2005 F-150 Under the Hood - the 4.6 litre V8. This is where the magic happened. Turn the key - and you get POWER! There are few things quite as wonderful as Ford Pickup-Trucks. In Canada, they are now very sought-after - despite being quite common. These 4.6 litre engines were the good ones - and have been replaced by the 5.0 litre V8, also a good engine, it looks like.