[ Sept. 30, 2022 ] - If You Buy an iPhone, Does It Turn You Gay?- Or, are you just supporting a humourless collective of wicked, nasty skanks, who make way too much money using illegal, competition-destroying market practices? We don't know. But we sure know about this:


A guy makes an obvious joke while reviewing a fast-car - with a funny movie-reference line about "fondling large-breasted women" - and it costs him his JOB at Apple Computer?

Apple is a company run by a homosexual. Normally, as a *normie*, we don't care about that. You want to be gayboy, and suck (whatever), that is your private business. And the whole concept of business, is that there is this separation between work and play. This is the correct way to do things.

But here is this hypocritical company, with a queer running the place, and his queer action is supposed to be OK, but an employee making an obviously absurd, humourous comment - lampooning the whole concept of modern work - and Apple won't even let him apologize. No, he has to leave, while the sock-tucker gets to stay in charge of the place. Really?

We need to do something about Apple. The company is a snot-sucking ruck-sack of pathetic poison toads. It's just a bad, bad thing, for so many reasons.

If you buy an Apple iPhone, we believe you have made an unwise choice, not just because it is a wicked, nasty, privacy-destroying tracking device with flawed "security" software - but also because it supports the kind of people behind the slimy modern hypocrisy that is destroying the World's culture of freedom.

There was a time, not long ago (in my lifetime!), when being caught out as a gayboy, could get you fired from your job - and also even subject to a criminal charge from the Police authorities! This actually happened to the man who invented computer science, Alan Turing, as we all know. That was a wrong and bad thing.

And now, here is Apple Computer, doing the same thing, because of some guy's attempt at humour, which was obviously a jest. He did not actually DO any breast fondling, as far as we can tell - he got fired for making a *joke* about it - obviously not something that would be allowed or encouraged in this modern world. THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT SO TERRIBLY FUNNY!

The only response, is to push harder, right? I am looking forward to the Post headline:


or something like that.

The Apple company should be broken up like the Standard Oil Trust was, back at the beginning of the 20th century. The world would be a vastly better place, if the Apple monopoly was sectioned into 4 separate companies: a software group, a computer hardware group, a telecom devices company, and a media distribution company.

I will never be critical of Walmart again. The above picture is of my iPad-1, which I hacked+jailbroke using quality Russian software and Jay Freeman's Cydia software suite, which allows all the key Unix/Linux utilities (ssh, scp, BASH, xterm terminal sessions, file-system access, compilers and interpreters (gcc & python), linker-loaders, ps, ls, and ldid -s, which is critical...) to be loaded on the machine, and made to work.

I use this tablet everyday. It runs a full file-system, with "ssh" and "scp" so I can use it to log into any of the Linux boxes, run code and control stuff, and I can run the old Safari browser or Lynx, to access the Starlink router and the internet. This old iPad is basically now a Linux tablet, and you can see "neofetch" running in a BSD-Unix xterm shell, showing the "Unix/Linux" flavour is "Apple".

I left the charger-unit up at the cottage. Damn. And I tried to contact Apple to get a replacement or at least a "Lightning" cable, so I could plug this tablet into a 5-volt USB charger. I could not even get thru to a live person at the local Apple store in Conestoga Mall. I tried the Apple website. They recommended a 1-800 number, which I called. Again, I got an automated "fake-automated-guy" response, which would not connect me with a live person. So, back to the Apple Website - and all the Apple Website did was try to upsell me new Apple crap. No accessories for old hardware could be found.

Apple used to make good hardware. They had this great backup unit, which they don't sell anymore. The whole business model of the company is to sell more crappy product, at higher prices, and deliberately degrade and make obsolete, their older, higher-quality product.

This old iPad-1 is made out of aircraft grade aluminum. It has a 10-year old lithium battery that still works great, and holds a good charge - enough for me to walk around and use this iPad all day as a controller and internet-access device.

So, after 4 seperate, direct attempts to acquire a charger from Apple, I hit the Google/Amazon searches on the web, from a Linux box running CentOS-7 and Firefox Quantum. And I found hundreds of solutions - all in the USA or overseas, and all needing several days worth of shipping - at minimum 8 or 9 dollars - just for a tiny 7 dollar cable-wire with a USB connector on one end, and the stupid 30-pin "Lightning" connect on the Apple-side end.

But then, I found Walmart. There is a big Walmart near us. I drove over there, and found - for $10.00 (Cdn) - a Chinese-made "Lightning-to-USB" cable, and it works on a small, no-name USB charger, and I can use my Apple/BSD-Linux tablet again. Whoo-hoo! And no thanx to Apple!

This Apple iPad-1 tablet is really nice. But what makes it nice, is the Cydia software, from "Saurik", that I installed on it years ago. From Apple, the thing did not even have an accessable file system! Literally, there was no way, using that toxic abortion called "iOS" (the original Apple iPad operating system), to even reference or connect-to, the on-board file-system! Imagine that! That a commercial enterprise would release such a deliberately-crippled piece of technology, is just plain ugly and abusive.

I don't think Mr. Jay Freeman ("Saurik"), the fellow who created "Cydia", made much money for his efforts. But I seriously think Apple should be required to pay him maybe one or two billion US dollars, of their ill-gotten monopoly-generated financial gains. His actions made it possible for me to turn my Apple iPad-1 (which cost me over $800, back in 2010!) into a useful tablet computer. I did this after Apple told us all that it would NOT update or improve iOS or Safari on the machine we had paid big bucks for. The Apple enterprise is an abusive monopolist, engaged in dishonourable business practices.

The average person should recognize just how much of the modern technology-profile of our economy, is really just "fake-shit", and that it does not need to be that way. But that is what has been delivered by the current crop of technology majors. It is just silly.

There is this great technology - really, really fine stuff created. And then, it is crippled, degraded, and butchered with really bad software, so that limited function crapware is delivered to the customer-clients. It does not have to be this way. It's just that one finds now, it is impossible for small-holders, who want to have quality, to offer that quality to the world. You can build it and use it for your own purposes - and you can open-source your code on Github - but it turns out to be curiously impossible to scale "quality" in any sort of manner to make any money. It turns out to be essentially impossible. And this is NOT by accident. The major technology enterprises work very hard to keep things like this. The big guys are bad, and getting worse. Nothing new.

Unless, you are Walmart, I guess. I have always been critical of Walmart, as a kind of crappy store - but that is just not the case. Our local Walmart has only one real competitor now - and that is Costco. Walmart and Costco have figured out how to do retail, so that the customers are not always left feeling angry, cheated, and frustrated.

In all of Canada, the only place I could get the "30-pin to USB" iPad-1 cable that would let me keep my iPad-1 charged and working, was Walmart. The "Lightning-30-pin-to-USB" cable was made by a company called: "Blackweb". And it works. It works good. I could - with this special non-standard cable - charge my iPad-1. I ran my iPad-1, with it's huge screen, nice keyboard, and aircraft-aluminum quality enclosure, up to a 100% charge, and have been using it all day. Thank-you Walmart. And Thank-you Jay Freeman ("Saurik"), for Cydia!

Freeman's Cydia website is: http://cydia.saurik.com/

The world may be choking on "fake-shit", but it does not need to be. Don't let yourself get distracted by fake-shit like "climate change" and "SDG's" and Green-Nazi nonsense. Pay attention to how you are routinely lied to by Leftist political operatives, who are picking your pockets, raising your taxes, and stealing your future.

PS: If you want to see, what I did back in 2017, to hack the iPad-1, install gcc, compile the code for Lynx, and then run it, for example, it's here:


Linux Tablet - built using a hacked Apple iPad Ver. 1.0, circa 2010. I bought the Apple iPad new for almost $1000 Cdn. But it only started to become crazy-useful, once I jailbroke it to get root-access, and installed proper software on it. It runs SSH and SCP, so I can migrate files back and forth to it easily.

This tablet is the craziest, most useful thing I have ever built.

It started out as an Apple iPad, first generation. I hacked it extensively, to "jailbreak" it, and install most of the Linux tools and utilities, including gcc (the C compiler), Python, an X-term terminal, and lately, even awk and "neofetch'. It can even run Samba, and function as a file server, which Windows and Linux machines can access over it's wifi connection. It can also run gDOSbox, so I can run a bunch of old (and very useful) P/C-based analytics and charting software.

Here it is, sitting on a turntable, (which plays fine vinyl recordings), showing the Linux tablet running a web-browser (the old Safari thing, from Apple) - with it's nice aircraft aluminum shell - running in dark-mode, and showing the current stock price for the US bank, JPM.

I use this tablet daily, all the time. It is a wonderful thing, despite Apple's attempt to destroy it's operational functionality. I truly believe - honestly and sincerely - that Apple should be broken up into several seperate companies, as they now exist almost entirely as an abusive monopolistic entity that is *explicitly* doing all it can to restrict technology development - development like I have done here, using their crippled-by-design device as a starting point.

The old iPad-1 is LOTS POWERFUL ENOUGH to do many amazing and useful things. But Apple went a long way out of it's way to destroy the functionality of the device, with software *upgrades* which reduced capability. It was released with NO USER ACCESS to it's file system, and the Apple iStore policy-actions explicitly prevented any compilers, interpreters or system-useful software from being offered through their distribution channel. This was to keep the device degraded and near-useless for folks like us. If you wanted a real computer, you had to buy a high-priced "MacBook". Apple wants to sell you new hardware every few years - and we honestly believe their attempts to destroy functional operation of their code-locked, existing devices, is explicitly contrary to US black-letter Competition law. They explicitly prevented enhanced versions of either the operating system (iOS) or Safari (the linked web-browser) from being supplied or even installed on the device. A special software tool is used to *PREVENT* a compiled C-program from running (a software "signature" is applied to each built program, and without that signature, your gcc-built program will report "killed (9)" when you attempt to run it. Special code has to be installed, to attach a signature to the generated program so it will run. This is *not* simply a "security feature". This is a business strategy, lets be honest and clear here.

Apple is an abusive monopolist, and they should be broken up, like the Standard Oil Trust was, and like ATT was. This would encourage a massive, new-wave of technology innovation, which will most likely not occur, if Apple is allowed to retain it's abusive, market-dominant current position.

We are NOT anti-business here. We are PRO-business, and would like to see Apple broken up so that business opportunities can be opened up for the many smaller companies that are currently shut-out of the modern technology economy.

It's time Apple was broken up. At the very least, the iStore, their software distribution channel, should be detached and made to run at arms-length, from their hardware business. This would be an easy - and very sensible - immediate legislative solution.