Expeditionary M10X-based Prototype Rifle - for Military, Law-Enforcement & Licensed Civilians

New Product Prototype - an M10X Experimental Expeditionary Rifle, equipped with passive electronic targeting, a light-weight telescoping bi-pod, and enhanced firing mechanism to ensure reliability of operation.

This rifle is non-restricted (as per RCMP classification), and is available to military agencies, law-enforcement officers and Canadian civilians and residents who are licensed and verified holders of PAL's (Purchase & Acquisition License document for firearms).

At this time, GEMESYS Ltd. is not set up for firearms export, and as such, this product is available to Canadian Residents and Domestic Agency purchasers, only.

Experimental Expeditionary Rifle - based on M10X p

Price: 2275.00 USD
GEMESYS Experimental Expeditionary Rifle - enhanced M10X by M+M Industries. This is a 7.62 x 39 mm, semi-automatic (self-loading) gas-operated rifle, equiped with passive electronic targeting hardware and a lightweight adjustable bi-pod. It is Canada-legal and has Non-Restricted Status (as per RCMP classification), and is available for evaluation to military agency purchasers, civilian law-enforcement officers and Canadian civilians who are holders of a PAL firearms license, and have been verified by communication with the RCMP Federal Firearms Centre.