Putin Must Be Ended, Russia must be Reformed.

An image of Lavrenti Beria - the face of pure evil. This man was Stalin's number 2 henchman, and the head of the Chekka, the Russian secret police under Stalin. He was a calculating, clever killer, and an astonishingly cruel serial rapist. He would have women kidnapped off Moscow streets, rape them in his office, and then have them killed, and their bodies buried at construction sites. On his death, a collection of women's underwear was found in his office safe. He was arrested and shot by Krushchev - either immediately, or later, after a trial with a false "stand-in" acting as Beria, during the show-trial.

Putin will have to be ended, probably the way Beria was ended.   There is probably no other path forward now.  The scale and extent of the criminal mass-murder involved, is too great.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an insane, illegal horror-show of absurdity.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed.   This is extreme madness.  

If Russian forces do not withdraw, and reach a level of sanity, the entire existence of Russia is at risk, as such an illegal, murder-State cannot continue to exist on this planet, with the other nation-States.   Either it must attack the World, or the World must take action and end it.   Our analysis suggests that the current situation is not in any way stable, and is not likely to continue much longer.

One way or another, we - the Western World and perhaps even China also - will eventually be at full-scale war with Russia.   China could gain a very great deal.   The destruction of the Russian nation-state could offer China half or more of the Asian land-mass, and make it the most wealthy and powerful nation on the planet.    The Western nations and Europe might accept this - might even welcome this outcome - if it meant that the idiotic and profoundly destructive gangsterism of the Russian entity, could be foreever, successfully constrained.

Even if this involves nuclear war, this outcome still might have to be undertaken.   The current scenario of a heavily-armed murder-State, that does not respect agreements it makes with other nations, and is routinely willing to engage in military-level mass-murder and conquest of weaker neighbouring States, cannot be tolerated.

The Russian State must be corrected and reformed, and Putin must be removed, or it is likely that the entire World community will have to ensure that the Russian threat is neutralized.

The idiotic cruelty and horrific stupidity of the Russian Terrorist action in Ukraine, has altered the stability of the World, and we are all now being driven by events.

Putin's actions are absurdly evil, and correction must be made, in order to save Russia.  It is hoped the Russians themselves can engineer this needed action.

Ukraine has been greatly damaged, and is a nation bleeding;


But it is *not* a defeated nation.  It now, has probably the strongest sense of national identiy of any nation-State on this planet.

What is interesing, is that Russia has corrected itself in the past.   The removal of Lavernti Beria, after Stalin's death (which some suggest Beria actually caused, by feeding Stalin small amounts of warafin - a rat-poison that can cause internal bleeding), offers an example of what is possible.

Nikita Krushchev realized that Beria had to go, and supposedly engineered his removal, which was a risky and complex operation.

Here is an account of this action:


If Putin is not removed, then we suspect that the most likely outcome, will be the development of a global alliance to deal with the extreme Russian threat, and probably a nuclear war.

This is not the "end of the world" scenario that people assume, or the anti-nuclear fanatics suggest would be the case.  But it would be bad.  And it might have to happen now.

World population - which is now 8 billion people, by latest estimates - could be reduced by up to 50%, but the grim reality of this planet - with it's finite size and resources - suggests that this might be Nature's necessary way of correcting the problem of runaway human growth.

We have just had the "plague", and so now it is not wild speculation, to suggest that a major war will be necessary - both as a biological as well as a political corrective action.

Much better to remove Putin, and save Russia.

Let's All be Clear about the New. We (the Western World) have the good stuff, and with the new F-35's, equiped with the updated B61 devices (which have slightly down-rated "pits" so the yield would not be quite as big), the new technology is able to solve problems with both accuracy and effectiveness. The new delivery technology works good, and can get the job done. And it has ALWAYS been stated NATO policy to use nuclear device technology against any threat that we feel needs to be addressed.

President Biden has perhaps had the opportunity to become educated with this well-known information set. Here, we are just offering this quanta of knowledge, in case there are folks who have missed this key fact.

Tokarev Symphony: "How to Deal with Pure Evil"

My Field in late May, 2022, in Canada. We really *ARE* Ukraine. Really. We are them, and they are us.

All the ports of Russia should be blockaded, and all imports and exports should be prevented. The Black Sea should be cleared of all Russian military ships, and all hostile military materiel in Crimea should be targeted and removed.

Until the ugly and illegal action of Russia is shutdown completely, the economics of this World will be damaged and degraded, in an unlawful and abusive manner, and the situation will grow worse for everyone on this World.

The Russian leader should be told: Remove your illegal military force, or UN member nations will collectively ensure the complete shutdown of all import / export activity in Russia. We either have rule-of-law, or we have rule-by-gangsters. Every nation is now at risk, if the abusive actions of Putin's henchmen and gangster-military are allowed to stand. We should not expect Ukraine to fight this fight alone. The entire World should commit resources to this fight, since the damage from Putin's actions are now affecting all of us. Economics teaches us that changes at the margin, drive the whole economic process. The damage and destruction Ukraine is suffering, is hurting us all. This is a pure, honest economic and moral truth.

We need to crush the evil that has been unleashed upon a peaceful nation of free Ukrainian citizens, who were no threat to anyone. We must do this to restore sanity, fairness and truth in a world that is being hijacked by ugly lies and State Terrorism.

The actions of Putin's Gangster Military is every bit as evil and ugly as what Hitler and Stalin did in Poland, in 1939. We should have learned that it is critically important and necessary to stop illegal invasion actions early, and not wait until the whole World has to go to war to shutdown an abusive militaristic gangster-State. We should all know this now, and understand what must be done.

[End of June, 2022 update:] Wow. All around the world, you can hear the puking and retching sounds of investors, as their puke-points are hit, and they are forced to close margined positions which grow evermore offside.


That awful sound mingles with the screams of dying men, women and children of Ukraine. We can call it: Vladimir Putin's Second Symphony. FFS, what a truly fucked up world - the sad mixed with the very bad, and poured over the ice of indifference and insanity. Nunc est bibendum, boys & girls.

A tiny note on LinkedIn: We use Linux+Firefox, works pretty good, mostly. Only site that flat-out will not work, is LinkedIn. Complete shitshow of maximum *fail*. Page down to the blog/blather, for June 30, 2022 for info, if curious. (Just when you think it can't get worse, of course, it get's worse.)

[June 27, 2022] Russian military gangster-terrorists have used long-range cruise missiles to kill shoppers at a Ukrainian shopping mall. This is an outright act of *terrorism* that should encourage the world to designate Russia as a **State Sponsor of Terrorism** and enforce a total embargo of ALL trade with Russia. There was no military target here - this action is simply to terrorize the Ukrainian people, and was predicted by CIA operatives, before Putin's Terror War was even begun. Imagine being a Russian military pilot or a Russian Officer in it's military. How can these people now feel - are they even human beings? Imagine being a pilot, and launching this attack against a shopping mall. What kind of human does this kind of terrorist insanity against it's peaceful neighbour? Putin is making Hitler look like a gentleman. His pure evil knows no limits now. Can anyone now seriously believe anything Russia says? Putin has taken Russia, and turned it into a hell-region of terrorist thugs and psychotic murder-morons.
Citizens of this planet must now accept that we are all at active war with Russia - and we must deal with this evil nightmare with the same focus and determination we used against Osama bin Laden. We need special operations that target where ever Putin and his Terrorists reside, and we must deal with these noxious creatures.

The Problem: Russia Is Controlled by a Pathological Psychopath:

Here is the current problem:  Crazy-evil Russian loon, controls Russia, makes Terror War on Ukraine, uses wild lies as pretext for horrific, insane invasion.

The research on Propaganda shows conclusively that insane lies, told often enough, and in controlled conditions, where no other views are heard, can be completely successful.  Russians and mental lightweights believe the Putin Lies.

Putin is a truly sick, pathological psychopath.  Don't take our word for this.  In a rare moment of honesty, the ECB (European Central Bank) President - who has met this Putin creature in person - had this to say:


This is not just our opinion.   This is the opinion of intelligent people who have met Putin.  This mad man must be dealt with - by whatever means are possible.  The future of the World may hinge on this.  Putin actually has gone past even Hitler himself.  This is curious and quite astonishing.

He must be dealt with.  He must be arrested, and brought to trial, if possible, for his war crimes.  There is no other path forward that is viable.  He must be stopped.  This is not just our opinion.  This is now a recognized consensus.

Hitler and his Gang were evil, but clever, aware social technicians.

The Solution: Spin our Yellowcake into 85% U-235, give devices to Europeans seeking defense against Putin's Terrorists.

Solution to this Problem:  Radical but simple solution.   European nations, including Ukraine and Sweden and Finland, all must be allocated nuclear weapons, sufficient to discourage Russian aggression.  This is only option to ensure peace.  If Russian gangsters think their army is stronger, they will invade and try to steal the land and kill the people.

If they know this will bring flaming destruction down upon them, they will refrain from this insane action, and will seek to project their power, using economic means.

We must arm all NATO nations, and any democratic nation bordering Russia, with a significant nuclear weapons arsenal.  

The entire history of "deterence theory", and the history of the violent 20th century, shows that this option will ensure peace.

You cannot have peace if the power-equation is deeply imbalanced.  If Russia is much stronger than it's weaker neighbours, history - all Russian history - shows that the weaker will be invaded and subjegated and their freedom will be crushed.   Only if Russia is directly opposed with extreme and unlimited destructive force, is there any ongoing chance for peace.

We don't need to nuke Russia.  But every neighbouring nation must have the ability to destroy all invading Russian forces.

Once that balance is achieved (Russia already has 2000 to 3000 nuclear warhead weapons),. then peace can be engineered and maintained. 

This is the only possible end-solution here.

Russian history - and the recent actions of Putin - have proven the clear truth of this reality, beyond any doubt.

We have mountains uranium ore, and warehouses full of yellow-cake.    We just need to build a few hundred Hiroshima-grade U-235 (TNT cannon-style devices), and offer these to all the front line European democracies.

Peace becomes an attractive option.  Russia withdraws from Ukraine.  Putin is arrested and charged with war-crimes by his own people, and sanctions can be lifted.  Peace is the result.  It returns, and it prevails.   But only if balance can be achieved.   Europe needs 2000 to 3000 active, deployed atomic warheads, just like Russia now has.

This is the only option that will have a chance of success of returning peace, we believe.

The Perfect Beauty of the Well-Tempered Centrifuge...

Этот город был разрушен артиллерийским обстрелом русских.

This is another small city - Novotoshkivske - destroyed by Russian artillery and bombing. This is how the Russian murder-squadrons in Ukraine operate - they completely destroy these small cities, and then occupy them. Every structure is smashed, destroyed and/or burnt-out. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the greatest criminal action we have ever witnessed. It must be opposed.

The German company Rheinmetall has applied to the German Government for export permission to sell Ukraine 88 Leopard 1A5 Tanks. Germany: Approve this sale, and expedite it. Sell Ukraine anything and everything they need. It is wrong to stand by, and let this destruction happen. These Russian exercises in mass-murder show why Ukraine is fighting. (The Russian media LIES, and tells the Russian people that the Ukrainians did this! What absurd lies. This town was destroyed by Russian artillery shelling. Этот город был разрушен артиллерийским обстрелом русских. )

This absurd and terrible Russian criminal action will never be forgotten. Someday, this scene will be Moskva. And it will be all Putin's fault. This criminal idiocy did not need to happen!

Эта абсурдная и страшная российская преступная акция никогда не будет забыта. Когда-нибудь этой сценой станет Москва. И во всем будет виноват Путин. Этот преступный идиотизм не должен был произойти!

Learn the Cost of Lies, and the Value of Truth.

Detailed image of badly damaged "Moskva" has appeared, which looks genuine. It clearly shows *two* impact points, with fire-damage, on port side, fore an aft. Fire-hoses running unattended, serious fires still burning in missile magazine, roughly a 15 to 25 degree list to port. All lifeboats have been launched, and disturbed water at aft port side suggests air bubbles escaping from underside, possibly due to water ingress into hull. The ship is listing to port, because she is filling up with water. Note radar arrays & antennas are undamaged. This ship was positioned in central location, to provide radar-coverage for all southern littoral region. No one with maritime experience likes to see a ship die and sink - but in wartime, it is different. This is an enemy ship, which has helped to kill civilians in several Ukrainian cities.

The "Moskva" made a transition from being a defensive ship, to being an instrument of terror and unnecessary murder. This foolish tragedy did not have to happen. It is fitting that the ancient God "Neptune" is the name given to the defensive missiles that struck her down.

Putin's Terror War against peaceful Ukraine is the stupidest, most tragically idiotic event most of us have ever witnessed. This ship and crew died directly because of Valdimir Putin, and his murderous madness.

Smashed, Destroyed and Ruined Mariupol holds on - still - against fascist Russian invaders. Defenders are exhausted, out of food, a group that ran out of ammunition has surrendered, and civilians in the city are starving to death. And the democratic nations of the World, stand around with their hands in their pockets, saying "tsk, tsk..." It is good that some are sending Ukraine weapons - but 10 aircraft with LRASM's, and 2 or 3 divisions of well-armed soldiers (NLAW's, Carl Gustav Rifles, armor-piercing RPG's, etc.), and a few boat-loads of food, could end this insanity in a week or two. And everyone knows this.

Most of the city is in ruins, and most people have either been killed or have fled. This was once a very lovely city, with a Marine University, where a fellow could study to be a Ship's Captain on a commercial freighter. Now it is a smoking ruin, and the democratically elected Mayor (who is still Ukrainian, not a Russian Toad), has indicated that the estimate of civilians killed is roughly 20,000. This is a Reuter's image, which I think will go down in history.

The Ukraine flag is a glyphic symbol of the blue Ukraine sky, and the fields of sunflowers, that are grown in Ukraine. Not everyone knows this. Driving around Southern Ontario, Canada, I see this flag everywhere. People hang it from their garages, near the highways, and I see it on cars and minivans with kids in them.

Putin is so fucking stupid, he has no idea just what he has done to his own Russian nation. He has made himself and his whole Russian nation, a single hated thing. And the stupid bastard does not realize that this is only the very beginning. What is happeing in Ukraine now, will be taking place in Russia in some tomorrow timeframe - and it won't be us doing it. It will be Russian's themselves, fighting to re-establish the freedom that for a brief moment, they were lucky enough to have.

Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons. He is the truly the most evil asshole this planet has ever produced, since Hitler. This kind of destruction is not sufficient for him? He wants only radioactive dust? For everyone? Curious.

The Russian authorities in Moscow have said, as of April 14, 2022, that the Moskva warship sunk as a result of a fire on board, in the ammunition storage area. I find this curious. You would rather say to the world your Navy was careless and inept, and let the ammo magazine catch fire and explode and sink the ship, rather than admit that you got hit with *two* one-ton hypersonic cruise missiles - while your defense systems were being effectively dazzled by a drone swarm? Every Naval war-planner and tactical systems analyst group has been working on exactly this problem - for years. The big US aircraft carriers are great, fat sitting targets, and they know it. I remember early tests of the Phalanx mini-guns, which in early version-0 tests, managed to 360-degree track-a-target, and shot the mast right off their own ship. Tech is tricky.

It seems quite unfair to the Russian naval officers and crew, who probably fought the fire bravely, and tried to save their ship. Bloody hell, Putin. If you are stupid and arrogant enough to start a vicious, nasty shooting war, you might at least want to tell the truth about it.

It's easy to kill guys without weapons who are just driving around their home-towns in their private cars. But when you start launching missiles at cities, and killing civilians at scale like a Hitler, you are gonna have to expect that eventually, missiles are going to come zooming back at you. Remember what Russians did to Berlin? Newton's Third Law. Right?

And hey, if you bring out the nukes, then we can really get things happening.

Just beware, guy. We are not NATO. We are private sector. And we are really pissed.

Vladimir Putin, the acting President of Russia, says that this is "noble". Seriously, the man actually characterized the Russian Terror War in Ukraine, as something "noble". Putin is either insane, or has morphed into a monster of psychotic evil, that it is quite hard for sane humans to really understand. Typically, a person as far gone as Putin, would not be in a position of authority in a Western or European nation.

This is the future of the World, if we do not all unite, and begin the difficult process of ending Putin's tragic Reign of Terror. The satellite imagery shows all this happened during Russian occupation, and was carried out by Russian occupation forces, in villages around Kyiv.

The Ukrainian text above describes how forensic specialists and Criminal Investigation units are now on site in these areas, where Ukrainian control has been re-established. The number of civilian murders in Bucha now exceeds 408, as of April 13th, according to authorities in Kyiv.

Putin calls this "noble". The man must be dealt with.

Image of Bucha, April, 2022, a pretty suburb of Kyiv, where the Russian Atrocities took place. Hundreds of civilians - non-combatants - were murdered by Russian military. Russia is trying to hide this and deny it happened. It is important that these pictures get out to the World.

Astonishingly horrific details are emerging. Russian soldiers formed "rape gangs" and systematically murdered the men, and raped women. Explicit details are being obtained by Ukrainian police investigators. There are literally *hundreds* of accounts of deliberate, systemtic terrorism and abuse of the civilian population. This was not "soldiers out of control", this was a planned exercise in terrorism, designed to degrade and destroy Ukrainian national identity. This is the most astonishingly - and unnecessary - assault on a non-violent, civilian population that history has witnessed since ancient times. Ukraine forces did *not* invade or attack Russia. This is just insane hatred fabricated by Vladimir Putin, and his military elite. This horror will change human history.

The Russian military must be neutralized, Putin must be arrested for murder, Wagner Group must be declared to be international terrorists. The picture credit is on the picture, which was published by Washington Post, today, April 7th, 2022. This image is a significant historical document, and is criminal evidence of a mass-murder action. We have no adverts on GEMESYS website, and earn no revenue from our site. This is pro-bono action on our part. The World needs to see what is happening in Ukraine. It is a planned exercise in extreme terrorism, being carried out by Russian forces, Putin's Chechen Death Squads, and the Wagner Group - a collective of murderous Russian gangster-killers.

This will be your city someday, if we don't stop these Russian killers now. They won't stop with Ukraine.

These are pictures of corpses from Bucha, the Kyiv suburban town, and show what Russian military forces did to civilian residents. The details uncovered are worse than the images. Intelligence agencies from UK, the USA and Germany have confirmed - beyond any doubt, using satellite images and Russian radio transmission interceptions - that Russian soldiers did this BEFORE the Ukrainian military people were able to liberate the town.

Russian government people are choosing to LIE rather than face the truth of what Vladimir Putin's "Special Military Operation" actually has been about. It is a terror exercise, designed to engineer mass-murder, provoke terror, and destroy Ukraine as a nation..

But it will not succeed. We believe these horrific Russian atrocities - which are *much* worse in other areas, such as the destroyed city of Mariupol - may actually destroy Russia.

Russia's military are killing non-combatant Ukraine people *at scale*. The name for this is "genocide" - an unlawful attempt to murder an entire nation or cultural group of people. This is a crime that risks invalidating the existence of the Russian State.

Russia's only chance to continue to exist as a nation-state in this World, is to just end the war, withdraw forces from Ukraine, and put Putin on trial for mass-murder, or hand him over to European World Court authorities. A new Russian president could then be put in place, by Russians themselves, and once they fully withdraw from Ukraine, and remove Putin from power, their nation can re-join the World Community, and economic sanctions could be removed. What has happened, cannot stand.

This current madness must end, and those who carried out these crimes must be brought to justice. Both the dead and the living demand this. And we suspect even God Himself wills it.

Translation of Ukrainian text: "We knew that Putin's plans included mass executions of civilians, which were to be carried out by the military and special services. Reports of executions of civilians coming from the liberated territories are horrific and frightening, ”he said on Twitter.

This is how the head of British intelligence reacted to the message of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom Liz Trass.

"We must bring to justice all those guilty of horrific crimes in Bucha, Irpen and other cities of Ukraine. The Putin regime will not be allowed to hide its involvement in these atrocities, "she said
------ [end translation]

British Intelligence had information, that Putin's plans for Ukraine, specifically included the mass execution of civilians, as a terror-tactic.
Керівник британської розвідки Річард Мур повідомив про те, що плани Путіна щодо вторгнення в Україну містили страти цивільного населення.

The head of British intelligence, Richard Moore, said that Putin's plans to invade Ukraine included the execution of civilians.
--- [ end translation ]

It is insane and wrong for the World to stand aside, and not assist the Ukrainian military in it's efforts to remove all Russian forces from it's nation. You can see, the person killed on the bicycle, on the left, farthest back - just some person out on their bike. Russian Lie-Squads in Moscow say this has not happened. This is madness. All of these people were civilians, targeted by invading Russian forces in Bucha. This image is from a Reuters reporter. UK and Ukraine investigators confirm this. The number of civilians killed, measure in the hundreds now. British MI6 has determined this mass killing was actually planned to take place - according to multiple reports.

We are at war. Maybe you are not. But we are. You should be too.

This image is from Bloomberg. A Ukraine Policeman is picking up dangerous items. Other similar images are on the BBC and AFP websites. Dead bodies - mostly civilians who lived in this town - litter the streets of the Bucha suburb of Kyiv. Many of the corpses are booby-trapped with explosive devices (a trick that Russian forces used back in World War Two, when they invaded Finland.) Russian military people like to think that this kind of action - killing without regard to who is killed - makes them "strong". Putin likes to think he is "strong". This is just mass-murder of civilians - an old-fashioned war-crime. And despite all the evidence of people now on-site, investigating, Russian Lie-Masters in Moscow are saying that this did not happen.

What grabs me personally, so closely, is how much these formerly pretty suburban towns - Bucha and Irpin - look so much like the Southern Ontario towns where I live. These people are us. We are them. Sanctions did not stop Hitler, and sanctions will not stop Putin.

It would be better for the Europeans to fight and destroy Putin's fascist henchmen now, rather than wait until these sorts of scenes are made to occur in Poland, the Baltic states, and maybe even Germany and France.

This is not war. This is just plain *terrorism* by Putin's murder squadrons. The Democratic Free Nations of the World must join this fight, and shutdown the Moscow Terrorist Army. We have to do this, even if we risk nuclear war. This kind of State-approved terror action must be ended, and the Nation-State military which is doing this - Russian forces - must be neutralized. President Biden of the USA is absolutely correct: "Good God, this man (Putin) cannot remain in power". He must be removed, and his terrorist military must be neutralized. Nothing Putin says can be trusted. His words are lies, and his actions, are evil madness. We found and dealt with Bin Laden, and we have to do the same, here. This is not warfare - this is just terrorism of a scale and extent that demands action - from every honest Nation-State and every honourable human group and every civilized individual. We must escalate to de-escalate, else this Putin madman will continue to use his murder machinery against the innocent of the world.

He is a coward and a fraud, and we must use the same tactics he is using, to utterly crush and defeat his evil. No negotiation is possible with a liar like Putin. His future is to be in the grave. The sooner he is put there, the better for the people who live on this planet. We need to deal with this now - and not wait until he attacks other parts of Europe.

Down a couple of frames (to "weblog" section), there is link to "Operator Starsky - Day 34 update" - an English-speaking fellow in Kyiv right now (Mar. 29, 2022), explaining the bogus lie-videos the Russians are making. The Russian videos are so obviously fake, and info from hacked Russian servers, shows the explict order, directing Russian operatives to make fake videos to discredit Ukrainian soldiers. Starsky explains how one can confirm the videos are fake.

The Ukranian counter-offensive continues in the Kharkiv region. Russian military assault units, which attacked farms and surrounding villages, have been pushed back & their hardware destroyed or disabled. A Ukrainian soldier inspects a Russian "Z"-flagged murder-machine. Another "Zed's dead." It looks like in the future, standard equipment on a Ukrainian farm - near the border with Russia - will be man-portable missile launchers for perimeter defense..

These stupid Russian war-tractors, with cruel racist thugs inside them, do not need to be blown up. One just needs to mess up the treads - fast-drying concrete, steel bars, even wet gravel can work. Or, you can wait for the a$$holes inside to get hungry or cold or run out of fuel, and shoot them when they come out for air. Make sure to aim carefully, below the body armor, and/or for "headquarters", if you can get the shot.

It is unlikely that Russian murder-squadrons will be able to kill everyone in Ukraine. Other than maybe the European Jews, or the folks in Poland, there is probably no other people on Earth, that have endured such astonishing abuse from a militarized, murdering neighbour.

We cannot see how anyone with an IQ over 80, could think that a military invasion of Ukraine could be justified or in any way be a good idea. It is madness and insanity of the very first, highest level.

The military forces of the World should assist Ukraine, as part of a United Nations operation. It is insane to allow tanks and murder-machines to overrun productive farms - but that is exactly what Russian forces are doing. Putin is - without question, and without doubt - clearly insane. He is a madman that must be neutralized. Economic sanctions will not stop this angry, blood-thirsty lunatic.

The Ukrainian Navy gets down to work. Bravo, gentlemen. Well done. Fine work. (Destroyed ship name was incorrect. - Apr 13 update)

A Picture of the "Magnificant Seven" - some soldiers of the Ukrainian military.

The worried-but-determined expression on this kid's face, really hit me. This kid has more courage and dignity than Putin and the entire Russian military does. Kinda like Ukraine's people themselves..

The Ukrainians are us. We are them. We **must** assist these people, with our military forces, because they are us.

Vladimir Putin has serious dementia, and is a drug-abusing, insane old man, who has chosen the path of pure evil.

The entire World must direct its resources to neutralize this monster, and do it NOW! Sanctions are insufficient.

If we stand aside and do not assist these people, we are directly engineering another Holocaust.

Negotiations or discussions, while Russian forces are bombing and shelling Ukrainian cities, is absurd.

Powerful, and significant weapons need now to be deployed. We could start by a destroying all Russian aircraft in the air - a "No Fly" zone. We must "Escalate - to de-escalate." This is a well-understood defensive doctrine. Talk can come later, once all Russian military entities have been neutralized. There is now, no other viable option. The Rubicon has been crossed.

We've been preparing for a nightmare like this for 50 years. Putin's evil actions have forced it upon us. There is nothing anywhere that commits European and North American forces to stand aside while mass-murder is engineered against a democratic European State. We must take action now, or we will have failed our own civilized history itself.

A courageous woman in Russia, ran onto a live TV broadcast of Putin's nightly dis-information, and tried to tell the Russian people they are being lied to by Putin's gangsters.

A Destroyed Russian rocket-launcher, which we think is a "BM-21", a 40-tube platform for 122mm rockets. Two dead invaders can be seen, their young lives cut short by Putin's idiotic, criminal invasion of Ukraine. This image from Kharkiv, Feb. 25, 2022. Photo is credited to: Maksim Levin.

These BM-21 launchers are mounted on Ural-375 6x6 trucks, and can fire up to 40 high-explosive rockets within 30 seconds. They are an effective, lethal, low-tech weapon of mass-murder, especially when used against civilian populations. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal of the most extreme. The Ukrainian Military is fighting hard, and with no direct military help from any other nation, to defend it's Democracy. They deserve our support and assistance.


It is Vladimir Putin and his gangster elite that is making this ugly war on Ukrainian and European Democracy.

Putin is now as dangerous as Hitler was, and he must be neutralized immediately. No business with ANY Russian entities should be allowed, by anyone on this planet. This murder vehicle, and these dead Russian boys whose lives were wasted on this stupid, cruel insane assault against a lightly armed neighbouring democratic nation, are the true face of Vladimir Putin's horrific Great Lie.

"Fuck You, Russian warship!" Words that will go down in history, and echo for the next 1000 years...

The Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv, is being attacked by Russian missiles. But it is holding out. The Mayor of Kyiv, posted this picture, using Telegram, of an apartment building that was targeted by the invaders. The battle for Kyiv is underway now, and Ukrainian defenders are fighting street-by-street, the invading Russian forces.

It is important for the world to see the true face of what the terrorist Vladimir Putin has done. The current Russian "Government" is now a criminal entity, and can no longer be described as anything other than as a terrorist organ.

People from New York City, who remember 21 years ago, might have some idea of what this feels like.

America and Europe must NOW remove Russia from the SWIFT electronic interbank platform, and embargo ALL Russian assets, and restrict ALL economic interaction of any kind, with any Russian entities, until Vladimir Putin is removed, and a legitimate government is installed in Moscow. Kyiv is under attack, and it's people are being killed - but it is actually Moscow that will fall the hardest.

Vladimir Putin is destroying Russia's future.

A truly tragic scene - a Ukrainian family, killed by Putin's Terrorist forces. The photo was by a courageous photographer, Lynsey Addario, and was published in the New York Times. It showed the world exactly what Putin's Terror War was all about - a planned exercise in the murder of Ukrainian civilians, to terrorize that Nation, kill it's young people, and take their homeland. Putin should hang, or die in his bunker like Hitler did.

Photo from BBC website, showing Mariupol City in southern Ukraine. Russian Gangster forces have surrounded the city, but the residents are holding out. It reminds us of Leningrad during WW II. The bravery and courage of the Ukrainian defenders of their lands is truly impressive. The World should send in military forces to help them, and repel the illegal, occupying Russian murder-squadrons. This War is a war for the future of Europe and for the Free World. Look at your own city. If we don't stop this lying murder-man, Vladimir Putin, your own city may well look like this in the future. What ever country you are in, read your own history to know the truth of what I say. This Putin creature must be stopped, and his murder-squads neutralized.

Ukrainian military is fighting one of the most powerful armies on the planet, as it attacks their lands and cities. All the military forces of the Free World should come to the assistance of the Ukrainian People, in their hour of horror and desperate need. This is not politics - this is madness.

I can say with certainty, that if this Putin character, and his gangster forces, are not opposed now with a massive show of force, then the flames from this War will grow to engulf the entire planet. As analysts and researchers, we can say that this outcome is essentially 100% certain - the only variable parameter is the time it will take to happen. We must stop Putin's forces now, with all means possible.

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Each day, here now in the future, with the false-narratives being pushed by Putin's gangsters in Russia, and the strange weakness (and 'wokeness') in the USA, this becomes harder for ordinary people to do. But you must still try to be honest, even if it is difficult. And demand honesty from all you deal with, even if this is costly action.

Putin is a deeply dishonest fraudster, and his time must be ended. He must be put on trial for mass-murder and for criminal use of the Russian Defense Forces.

Also, we view the sanctions as unwise. Companies and businesses should remain in Russia, and assist the new Government in economic recovery. It is Putin and his Gangster elite that must be removed. They are just criminals.

This is from a video, taken as patients are evacuated from hospital that was *deliberately targeted* by Russian military, in it's invasion Terror Campaign in Ukraine.

Russian authorities say this did not happen.

How much longer does the World stand by, with it's hands in it's pockets, and watch Russian terrorists carry out these crimes, without we take action? The Biden-Harris Administration is being strangely and curiously weak. All they need do, is to tell Putin to withdraw the tanks and murder-squads, or systematic bombing of all Russian military targets will begin. Yes, there are risks. But the risks associated with inaction are far greater, as this will communicate the certain failure of Western democracy. A joint effort by UK, Germany, Canada and Poland could also be considered, if USA is unwilling or unable to act in a leadership role.

But if no nation-State government will act, it falls to the private citizens of the world - really *EVERY SINGLE PRIVATE CITIZEN ON THIS PLANET* - to do what he or she can, to address this ugly problem. We cannot allow this cruel madness to continue. Putin has no idea of the extreme risks he is taking. If this terrorist mass-murder exercise continues, Russia's survival is at risk. An all-weapon war between the Western democracies and Russia, will leave ruined wastelands - which the Chinese will quietly occupy.

This message is especially addressed to people in Russia. Your nation is committing deliberate war-crimes that would embarrass and disturb even Stalin or Hitler. Please try to neutralize this Putin character.

What is so bizzare is that Vladimir Putin thinks he can just lie his way out of this. He lies, he lies again, and he just keeps telling lies like some kind of insane person with a mental problem. Know this as truth. He is not a strong leader - he is simply a crazy-evil old man, lying with confidence, as he pushes his madness out upon us all.

his will break your heart. But Let it put steel into your soul. It is time to turn plowshares into swords. Little Polina is dead, killed when the car she and her grandparents were escaping in, was shot up by Russian invaders. Her father was a Ukrainian policemen, and the family was being targeted. The whole world should simply say: "Vladimir Putin - we are coming for you. There will be no safe place for you to hide."

The man should end his days in the same European prison that Slobodan Milošević died in - Scheveningen Prison.
(I wrote that a while back. Now, we believe that Putin should be destroyed - by whatever means possible, as soon as possible. - Apr. 13, 2022)

Our little website is probably too small to be noticed. So, I will post some true information here: This image is from BBC Summary, 13:57 Eastern Standard Time, Feb. 26, 2022. Russian invasion forces are being serious held back by Ukrainian defenders. They are also running low on fuel. Some tanks have actually run out of diesel fuel. And old "General Winter" is offering some of his ancient assistance to the Ukrainian defenders. The weather is cold, and the tankmen are cold and hungry.

US Defense intelligence also indicates that Russian tank units are running low on fuel, and are not equipped for a long siege. There is also information they are not well supplied with food. Key action for Ukrainian defenders, is to intercept and destroy any supply columns and/or fuel vehicles entering Ukrainian territory from Russia. Also, in Germany, policies have now changed. It has indicated it will supply - directly - 1000 anti-tank weapons, and 500 "Stinger" surface-to-air missiles. This was just announced on the BBC site, so it is likely true. Russia is making efforts to cut Ukraine off from any internet access. Ukrainian government authorities have requested STARLINK satellite dishes and routers be sent to assist communications of Ukrainian defenders and other Ukraine government entities, as Russia is engaged in a massive information-warfare "Big Lie" campaign, using it's well-organized cyber-warfare and media dis-information teams.

Elon Musk has confirmed that STARLINK dishes and routers are operating in Ukraine.

We are posting this information, to attempt to counter the absurd and idiotic lies that Putin and the Russian invaders, are spreading.