Here is "Black Beauty." She is the crystalization of some digital CDN dollar-units. Today, I bought this Smith & Wesson, .44 Magnum revolver, which I have named "Black Beauty". She goes into the vault at the "Store", until I get the RCMP authorization to take her home. (This may take months, from what I hear!) She dates from the late 1970's, or early 1980's, and is in fine, remarkable, pristine condition - with a barrel that shines inside, like a new silver dollar. And the bluing is so lovely. She feels almost new, despite being probably 40 years old. Her owner took good care of her. And once I held her, I knew she had to be mine. She is just such an "Old-School" piece of history, that I could not resist. ( Plus, she is very similar to the famous "Dirty Harry" piece Clint Eastwood carried in the movie of that same name.. Do you feel lucky today? Do you? :D )

And here is another cool thing - one can now buy "Cowboy Action Shooting" loads - of ".44 Special", which is a sporting ammunition that is lightly loaded, so one gets a gentle 750 feet-per-second muzzle velocity (unlike the 1200+ fps a typical .44 magnum load would have.) This means you can shoot a .44 magnum revolver, without hurting your hand, which makes it a fine sporting choice for older guys. (Target shooting is the one thing an old guy can often to better than a young guy, since "fine muscle" control is of greatest importance.)

And given that you are flinging a 240 grain bullet, the 750 fps is lots enough to "bang a gong" at the local "Revolver Club" - which has been a local tradition in my home-town, since the 1940's.

I had to buy this lovely piece right now. Canada's Liberals have begun another assault on a large group of gun-owning Canadians, and have stopped imports of handguns, and also proposed laws to restrict ownership transfer. We think this is insane and unwise. So everyone with a Gun License has decided to buy while they can. All stores are essentially sold out, all across the nation.

And so, the minority "Liberal" Government is now on another ugly anti-gun crusade in Canada. This really is a very bad idea. If the proposed legislation becomes law, it will only create a dangerous, undocumented criminal-market in handguns for use as weapons. The gang-members in Toronto already have lots of illegal handguns, and this new fear-driven dishonest approach, will just create a new range of financially attractive criminal opportunities to arm more criminals. We cannot figure out what is wrong with the Anti-Gun nutjobs in Toronto and up in Ottawa. They fail to understand what made our Nation, and what still makes up the "good people" here now. In our local community, there are 11 different "Gun Clubs". We are members of the local "Revolver Club".

We have great diversity at the Revolver Club, and a lot of new members. We have newly licensed Chinese kids with their 9mm automatics, new Canadians arrived from India with their $5000 English shotguns, old German guys teaching their wives how to shoot, guys newly arrived from Quebec to take on new technology industry jobs (and they brought their shootin' irons with them, of course!), and lots of folks from Eastern Europe, who want to shoot their lovely Czech CZ's. And many guys with hunting rifles - from old lever Winchester 30-30's, to guys with the latest 6.5 Creedmoor high-precision Rugers that can make quarter-sized groups at 100 yards. Everyone likes to shoot something!

The folks one meets at the Club Range, are the best, most friendly, most diverse folks in the country. The Shooting-Sports here are a very good thing, and we should be doing all we can to encourage and expand knowledge and wise usage of sporting weapons in Canada.

The astonishingly ignorant Anti-Gun fools do not respect or understand Canada's long, careful and successful approach to handgun and firearm ownership in this country, and just how important it is to be "strong and free". No one is "free" if they cannot acquire and become skilled in the use of weapons.

It is time for a major political "course correction" here in Canada, just like is necessary in the USA. We are being lied to by political fraudsters. We need to recover what is being stolen from us, by arrogant, ignorant and dangerously unwise political opportunists.

These so-called "Public Safety" people, are the same type of people who were on the "Committee for Public Safety" during the ugly and horrific time of the "French Revolution". Their idea of "Safety" is to degrade, damage and destroy the traditional freedoms of free people, by means of shoddy, dishonest and inaccurate political deceptions and outright fraudulent actions.

We need to make a major political course-correction in Canada. The current group of fraudsters and clowns in our Federal Government are not acting in the interests of free Canadian citizens, and are not respectful or understanding of the traditions that allowed the Dominion of Canada to be created in the first place.

Trudeau and his dishonest "hench-persons" (like that fraudster "Wendy", and her tiny, dishonest and abusive Anti-Gun nutjobs) - need to be removed from the Public Political Space. Their actions do not reflect the views of our traditions, or in any way, the traditions and honourable characteristics of a Free People. They are just standard political liars doing their trick of using deception and fear to mislead and manipulate unknowing citizens.

We must move on, get past these kind of dishonest and abusive fraudsters, and hold-hard to our traditional freedoms.

A time of change is coming, and we must embrace it, and respect what made us what we are. The liars and the fraudsters must be swept from the political stage.

We all have a role to play. Each person can make a difference. Each vote, each action matters. The "Liberals" in Ottawa *must* be removed, if Canada is to remain a free, fair and honest Dominion, where people are judged by their actions, not by their adherence to dishonest and abusive, fictional ideologies.

This is an honest, well-written letter, from a good man. (Click on image to expand it.)

The abusive attempts to attack the North American firearms industry are the latest political fraud being run by the "Woke Leftists". This wise and measured response from Mark Smith, the CEO of Smith and Wesson is a ringing bell of honest truth, in a debate that is characterized by Leftist disinformation and extreme political dishonesty.

The anti-gun Leftists are an ugly example of a serious social cancer that exists in our modern world. They frame their bogus debate in terms of public safety. But they offer a "Public Safety" that is similar to those who ran the French Revolution, which is of course, no safety at all, only obedience to an abusive, dishonest and illegitmate public authority. Know this. (See our section on: "Revolutionary War" for a little note on the interesting & murderous French Revolution.)

A Smith and Wesson "Hand Ejector", circa 1915. The famous "Hand-Ejector" was the first revolver designed to allow the cylinder to drop out sideways, to allow fast loading and also the quick removal of spent cartridges. It was a technological leap over top-break revolvers, and this one from my collection is a lovely example, chambered in .455 Webley calibre. Smith and Wesson has a glorious history, and this old revolver probably belonged to a city police constable, a soldier in the Great War (WW-1) or an RCMP officer, back in the 1920's. I acquired it from a collector in British Columbia. It is a wonderful example of our history, made manifest in blued steel. The .455 Webley cartridge was a popular British calibre which was used for many types of military, civilian and police revolvers at the end of the 19th century, and into the early 20th.

This is Perfection - in hardened steel, from the Czech Republic. You hold this beautiful, and most lovely precision device in your hand, and it whispers to you: "Take me home with you! - even if we have to wait for many, many weeks. I will not ever let you down. I am perfection, made manifest in steel." And your beating heart and your thinking brain, knows this to be the truth.

The Liberal Party of Canada has begun another abusive assault against a lawful, honourable & valuable segment of Canadian society. The Liberals are wrong, wrong - and wrong. The facts and the data prove the Liberal's fraud. The Liberals are error, foolishness, and dishonesty. Their policy reeks with a rotting stench of deception, which they then bake into a "Feast of Falsehood", which they will then try to feed to those who choose to remain tragically ignorant of human reality.

Firearms are tightly regulated in Canada, each gun-owner must be licensed by the Federal Police agency (the RCMP), and real training is required before a Firearms Licence can be obtained. Membership (and training) at a regulated "Gun Club" is further required to get a "Restricted" license, which allows the purchase of handguns, the use of which is tightly regulated. This works well. No one can just walk into a gun store and buy a firearm in Canada. But for those who are interested in the Shooting Sports, there is a place for them to compete and to work on improving their abilities. It is a fine sport, which encourages discipline, responsibility, and skill acquisition. And history shows that an educated, skilled and disciplined population, is a pre-condition for the maintenance of a free and democratic society.

The Liberals want to end this completely, because they seek political gain by trading on ignorance, and at the expense of a socially valuable Canadian tradition. That our national leaders should track down such a foolish and incorrect path of fraud and social abuse, we find surprising and most curious. More madness, it seems. Our Boy Wonder is now telling "Lavrovs" to us. Not good. Not good at all.

NZ-85, virtual and real - a fine piece of engineering from China. It's a well-made copy of the Czech CZ-85. It was an early purchase, and has proven to be a reliable and fun little target shooter.

Tokarev's Second Symphony in B-Sharp! (Key of 7.62 x 25 mm)

In the Great Debate between the 9mm and the 45cal, we have decided not to take a side. Truly, they are both good. Remington R1 in .45 cal., and NP-29, 9mm, in the 45-form factor. Everyone is beautiful, in their own way, right? ;)

An absolutely beautiful Colt-45 CGM ("Combat Government Model") Gold Cup target piece. Also a wonder platform for practical competitions, and Canadian IPSC meets. One cannot help thinking the sernum "FG" prefix on this unit must stand for "Freaking Good!" A good friend of mine used this unit in Practical Shooters competitions, in Canada and USA. Note the rounded hammer (not the more common variety, with the typical horn shape). It makes holster use easier, as the hammer-horn tends to get caught on clothing, when one is trying to be "Quick-Draw McGaw"... :D

A magnificant Webly "WG - 1892" Model, from "CSL", which is stamped on the top of the barrel. The CSL trademark stood for the "Co-operative Society of London", an organization that acted as a buying-group to offer English Servicemen, in Victorian times who were off to defend the Empire, a price-break on their cost of kit. Soldiers of those days were required to outfit themselves, and if they could afford it, they would buy one of these nickel-plated beauties, and take it with them to Africa, India, Malaysia, or where-ever their duty took them. This one is original, and looks like it did not travel too far, or if it did, it was very well looked after. It is nick-named the "Church-Steeple" Revolver, because of the unique fluting shapes on the cylinder. It is a piece of pure Victorian beauty, and has original, unique "Tiger Wood" hand-grips. You can see, the wood of the grips really does look like tiger-stripes. I bought this lovely antique from a fellow who had acquired it from a Toronto Surgeon, which offers some providence. The Webly serial number is 4 digits. :)

Illustration for a story in September, 1967 issue of science-fiction magazine "Fantastic", by artist: Gray Morrow. The story was: "Same Autumn in a Different Park", by Peter Tate, and dealt with a future society were children were raised apart from their parents. The parents communicated by teletype (not iPhones, but it sure reminds one of Android Phones and text messages). The idea was to raise non-violent children, and of course, this piece of social-engineering did not work out well, and had unintended consequences. :) I liked this image. The kid's plasma pistol reminded me of my first revolver. I still don't have the plasma/particle-beam weapon. Not yet, at least. :)